Organizing committee

Associate professor Cătălin-Silviu SăraruBucharest University of Economic Studies Bucharest, president of the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences
Professor Florentina Camelia StoicaHead of the Law DepartmentBucharest University of Economic Studies 
Professor Mihai Bădescu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Professor Silvia CristeaBucharest University of Economic Studies
Associate professor Ioana Nely MilitaruBucharest University of Economic Studies 
Associate professor Mihai Cristian Apostolache, Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Romanias
Associate professor Ene CharlotteBucharest University of Economic Studies 
Associate professor Ana VidatBucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Ana Maria LupulescuBucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Ovidiu Dumitru, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Adriana MoțatuBucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Andreea SeucanBucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Cristina CojocaruBucharest University of Economic Studies
Lecturer Simona Chirica, Bucharest University of Economic Studies 
Assistant professor Adriana DeacBucharest University of Economic Studies
Assistant professor Radu Pătru, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Assistant professor Andreea Stoican, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Important Dates

  • • Until November 8, 2018
    submitting the registration form
  • • Until November 10, 2018
    sending full text of scientific paper in English
  • • Until November 12, 2018
    confirmation of the scientific papers to be presented at the Conference.
  • • Until November 14, 2018
    conference participation fee
  • Ethics and Malpractice Statement
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