“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal

“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal is published by Law Department of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences.
Title change

This journal was entitled "Perspectives of Business Law" Journal during 2012-2017. Starting with 2018, this journal has the title "Perspectives of Law and Public Administration" and can be accessed here


“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal publishes scientific papers that were presented at the International Conference "PERSPECTIVES OF BUSINESS LAW IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM" ( .
This Journal  is a platform of international legal debate that examines recent developments and prospects for development of business law. “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal publishes studies and jurisprudence analyses in all areas of legal sciences. The Journal opens its pages to authors from different countries, from the legal education space and from the practitioners of law, encouraging both publication of international interest studies covering comparative law, European Union law, international trade law, public international law, and the studies on the particularities of national law.
1 issue / year

“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal imposes no processing or submission charges for the articles that it publishes. Authors transfer copyright and publishing rights to the publisher as part of a journal publishing agreement.

Open Access Statement:

This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author, but subject to the following conditions:

  • is mentioned the name(s) of the author(s), article title, that article is published in “Perspectives of Business Law” Journaland indicate page/pages cited of the journal;
  • exactly reproduction of the material when it is quoted, used, discussed or multiplied;
  • the copyright of the author(s) may not be infringed in any way.

“Perspectives of Business Law” Journalis licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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